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Woophy Competition 2007

Competitive spirits around the world: the annual Woophy photo competition is open for submissions! As some of you might remember from previous years, each year’s contest has a special theme and this year that theme is news.

Now don’t get grumpy! We don’t want you to copy the type of pictures you see in your daily newspaper. The independent Woophy-jury is not looking for classic press agency news but your news. Woophy wants to see what’s considered ‘news’ to people living in all different corners of the world: ranging from your local pie eating contest or colourful street parade, to personal takes on issues such as globalisation or climate change.

Why compete?
  • When you win, you’ll be admired and envied by all other 200,000+ Woophy-members across the planet.
  • There are great prizes to be won: one fantastic OLYMPUS E-410 SLR camera, three Gorillapod tripods, professional photo-editing software, large prints and Woophy t-shirts.
  • Prize-winning photographs become part of a Woophy photo exhibition to be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in the spring of 2008.
Here’s how it works
  1. If your not a Woophy member already: become one. It’s free and easy and the only way to participate in the competition.
  2. Upload your favorite photo’s into your personal Woophy photo collection.
  3. Select your competing news photo and enter it into one of the three categories: Below the Surface, Big World Events and Raging Reporter. You can sumbit more than one photo in any of the categories.
  4. Until December 31st 2007, when the contest closes, the Woophy staff will reward the best monthly entry with a cool Woophy T-shirt.
  5. In January 2008 a jury consisting of independent photo professionals, chooses the overall winner from the total number of entries, as well as one winner for each category.
You can only submit pictures that have already been uploaded onto Woophy into your personal Whoopy photo collection. If you haven’t uploaded your picture on Woophy yet, or if you are not a member: sign up!
1. Raging Reporter

You happen to be the first on the scene: a famous artwork is missing, a 100 year-old tree fell down, a whale stranded on your beach, two bicycle taxi’s crashed, or any other local happenings. Snap that shutter and enter the contest in this category.
Pictures in this category are judged on (local) newsworthiness.
2. World News, Big World Events

You’re a witness of a world shaking event: the outbreak of a war, the discovery of a new super drug, an international political convention, or anything else that you consider important news to your fellow citizens across the planet. Take a picture and submit it in this category.
Pictures in this category are judged on impact and photo quality.
3. Background, Below the surface

Many news items disappear after a while but the events are still going on. They just move out of sight, as the media lose interest or space on their overcrowded pages or programs. Post your photo series about forgotten conflicts, refugees, environmental problems, or poverty in this category. Your subjects can be large or small, international or local, universal or personal.
Pictures and series in this category are judged on photo quality.

In January 2008 a jury consisting of independent photo professionals, chooses the overall winner from the total number of entries, as well as one winner for each category.

Michiel Munneke (The Netherlands)
Managing director of the World Press Photo Foundation

Vincent Mentzel
(The Netherlands)
Executive Board Member World Press Photo,
Staff photographer NRC Handelsblad
Thesi Geesink
(The Netherlands)
Professional Photographer
Ron Wunderink (The Netherlands)
Former senior vice president corporate communications KLM and initiator of several photographic events
Hoyte van Hoytema (Sweden)
Cinematographer and initiator of Woophy
3 xGorillapod, The Joby Gorillapod firmly secures your camera to just about anything — anywhere and everywhere!
7 xLicense PicaJet - Digital Photo Management and Image Cataloguing Software
4 xLulu photo album of your own pictures
12 xWoophy T shirt
  1. Rules updated on 13-09-2007. These rules replace earlier announcements.
  2. Participation in the Woophy 2007 photo competition is only possible when you’re a member of Woophy.com.
  3. Woophy employees and their relatives are excluded from participation.
  4. Only pictures submitted to Woophy take part in the competition.
  5. You can nominate your own submissions for a prize but you can also nominate pictures made by other Woophy members.
  6. You can only participate in the contest with your own pictures.
  7. Every month the Woophy team chooses one monthly winner and several honourable mentions.
  8. The competition lasts until December 31st, 2007, 24.00 h GMT +1.
  9. In January 2008 a professional Jury will choose the winners from all the 2007 submissions.
  10. You can submit as many pictures as you want.
  11. Pictures that are not in line with Woophy policy and rules can be removed from the website.
  12. Abuse of copyright will lead to cancellation of your Woophy membership. In such a case, your pictures will also be removed from the website.
  13. The pictures will be judged anonymously.
  14. The selection of prizewinners by our independent jury is final and cannot be discussed.
  15. There is one, overall, first prize which is an Olympus SLR camera E 410.
  16. Each of the three categories will have a first and second prize.
  17. Woophy will publish the winning pictures on our website and possibly also in an exhibition and printed report. By participating in the competition you give Woophy permission to use the pictures for these purpose only.
  18. The copyright of the pictures stays with the participants. Except for the printed jury report, no one is allowed to use the pictures for any other purpose than for display in the Woophy exhibition or on the Woophy website.